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Let Us Do the Archiving for you... Safe, Secure and Easy!

The archiving of your vital records is completed through efficient service. Beginning with your data being transported by one of our secured vehicles, your data is under strict observation during the trip to our facility. Once there, the vehicle enters a secured “in-house” unloading bay. Your records are completely protected during the unloading process.

Your records are inventoried and bar-coded then placed onto our high density shelving. Both our shelving and computerized bar-coding systems were designed to provide efficient and rapidly accessible record storage.
While in storage, your vital records are monitored and updated on our cost-saving Record Retention Schedule. We have the ability to keep track of the necessary retention life of your records and notify you when the records are ready for proper and secure disposal. This saves you time and money by eliminating unnecessary storage of outdated records.
Misplaced files are virtually eliminated. In most cases, Barker Archives can retrieve them faster than your own file clerks. Our record facility can be viewed as an extension of your staff – part of your team.
The expertise of our bonded staff is vital in the maintenance of your data. Combining the technology of computer tracking and the conscientiousness of our professional team completes the formula for secure, efficient archiving.

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